Benefits Of Using A Foot Spa Bath Massager

Benefits Of Using A Foot Spa Bath Massager From simple tubs, for which you heat up water yourself, to more expensive models that are complete with heating elements, rollers, massaging water jets, pedicure attachments and more – quickly relieve painful, aching feet. The benefits of using a foot spa bath massager are priceless. Forget the bucket of hot water and pamper yourself with one of these clever inventions!

In A Perfect World, We’d Be…..

In a perfect world, we’d be treating ourselves to a weekly spa, being pummeled and massaged…. sigh. Oh heavenly bliss! The reality is we barely have time to draw 2 breaths to deal with all those little aches and pains which build up from a busy week at work, social commitments, running after kids and who knows what else…

The Benefits Of Using A Foot Spa Bath Massager…

Your feet may, in fact, feel as good as they do after pampering at a day spa. Even the most simple, economy model will massage away the aches and pains as you soak your feet in warm water.

Top of the line, all-in-one foot spas massage with oxygen bubbles and high-frequency vibration, have the convenience of preset programs for different combinations of the two, and often include a remote control. They also have self-drainage which is something to bear in mind when purchasing if manipulating a tub full of water to empty it without spills is likely to be a problem for you.

Use Your At Home Anytime You Please

Foot spa baths can be used anywhere. Splash-guards prevent them from spilling over. Anytime that you need to sit for half an hour is a convenient time for using your foot spa bath.

Watch TV, Read A Book

Using your foot spa bath while watching television or listening to music can be doubly relaxing since unwinding is the primary purpose of sitting down to do so. Reading a book or magazine; while studying for an exam; there are lots of opportunities to soak in a foot spa bath. The baths are generally light enough and portable enough to take along anywhere. Some manufacturers are even making folding baths, further increasing their portability.

Rejuvenating Tired, Aching Feet

foot bath for sore feetLong periods of time spent on our feet each day – in the workplace, on the sports field or just doing chores in the home – put a lot of pressure on our feet.

There are more than a hundred ligaments, tendons and muscles in each of your feet in addition to the 26 bones and 33 joints, all in a relatively small area. They support the impact equivalent to many tons as you walk your way through the day.

Soothe Overworked Muscles And Strains, Even Detox

Soaking and massaging them in a foot spa bath is an effective way to soothe your overworked feet, relax sore muscles and heal tender skin. Yes, a half hour soak in a detox foot spa bath will rejuvenate your aching feet and help you to relax after the pressure of the day. It will also detoxify your body.


Pedicure Attachments For An At Home Pedicure Foot Soak….

Many foot spa baths come with pedicure attachments in the form of pumice stones, scrubbing brushes and specific massage rollers. You can exfoliate your feet while you soak and soften those yucky foot calluses to help in their removal. An at home pedicure foot soak, along with a pedicure using one of the best nailfiles for home use plus a dash of gorgeous nail polish makes you feel like a new woman.


Personally, I love my feet being massaged into a loose relaxed state. I can feel the arches of my feet releasing tension, the stiffness going out of my calves and the slow soft warmth of peace traveling at my body…. And, you know the best thing of all, when I feet are relaxed, I actually sleep much more soundly!

Flushing Out The Toxins

detox foot bath at home

Toxins enter the body through our skin in addition to the better known methods via our lungs and stomachs. They interfere with body functions and, to make matters worse, often – under the pressure of the trauma and stress of daily life today – become difficult to excrete. However, just as they enter, so they can also exit through our skin.

Toxins are excreted naturally through the sweat glands. There are 2000 sweat glands in each of your feet – more than in any other area of your body, including your hands and head. The warm water of your foot spa stimulates the process of your body ridding itself of toxins through those many sweat glands in your feet.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath At Home

This kind of detoxifying goes back 5000 years in Asia. The Romans used sea salt in their public baths to draw out impurities. An array, plugged into a controller attachment in the foot spa bath, interacts with salt water to charge positive and negative ions in a foot bath. It is a new idea based on these older processes.

Toxins, also being positively or negatively charged, are drawn to the opposite charge in the water. Purpose built foot baths are available as well as arrays that can be purchased separately. It is, however, debatable whether or not this flushing out of toxins through the sweat glands of the feet is any more beneficial than their normal removal by sweating. Anybody with a health condition should check with a doctor before undertaking an ionic detox foot bath at home

Whole Body Therapy

best at home foot spa for relaxing stiff feet

While that half hour soak in the foot spa bath is soothing your aching feet and eliminates harmful toxins from your system, it is also helping to improve the entire circulatory system.

Nutrients and oxygen can travel more freely to effectively take their part in completing the various body functions required to improve your metabolism and keep you healthy.

When panic and anxiety set in due to lifestyle challenges, less than desirable eating habits and occupational stress, a gently massaging foot spa bath will bring help to bring back balance to mind and body.


 Salts And Oils Are Good To Soak Sore Feet In

There are many salts and oils available to increase the pleasure and/or effectiveness of foot spa baths. It is advisable to ensure that the one you select is intended for use with them. Some models may be damaged by adding certain soluble substances.

What is good to soak sore feet in is essential oils such as Lavender, tea tree oil and olive oil are all popular choices for their skin healing and disinfectant properties. Peppermint oil purifies skin and increases circulation.

Moving to whole body healing, camomile is used as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and eucalyptus is a bactericidal and an immune-stimulant. Salts and oils also increase the softening of calluses as they soak.

Foot Spa Bath Design

The average foot spa bath is constructed of plastic, measures about 8″ x 16″ x 14″ and weighs around 5- 6lbs empty. Most are shaped to accommodate feet up to men’s size 12, but there are models which comfortably fit larger feet. When purchasing always ensure that there is plenty of room for water action around your feet.

Massaging is facilitated in several ways – from the raised nodes on the base of the bath and/or manual rollers, to various massaging attachments for a customized approach. Most have toe-touch control features and there is always a splash-guard.

Using Your Foot Spa Bath Safely

People often worry about electricity and water – especially those in the older generations who grew up with tales of people being electrocuted in the bath. Of course, precautions must be taken but foot spa baths used properly are perfectly safe.

  • Always ensure that the bath is placed on a level surface and that it is not plugged in before you fill it, and only fill it to the fill line on the inside.
  • Never plug it in or unplug it when your feet are in the water. If your foot spa bath does not actually heat the water, ensure that you fill it with water at the temperature you like – the heating element will only maintain the temperature, not heat it.
  • Add salts or oil if you wish and, making sure that your hands are dry, plug your spa into a household outlet.
  • If your spa has interchangeable massage attachments, place into the center slot and ensure the others are all firmly in place in the storage area.

Now it’s time to turn on the power, sit down and soak your feet, massaging them as you slide them over the massaging nodes or, depending on your model, let the motorized rollers do it for you.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Keep your foot spa bath in tip-top shape by paying attention to cleaning and maintenance. Never allow water to pour over the power button when filling or emptying. Let the unit cool completely before cleaning and clean only with a soft cloth and mild cleanser – avoid detergents and abrasives, then wipe over with a dry cloth. Never submerge the entire unit in water and do not use it for more than the manufacturer-recommended time to avoid overheating. Should this happen, turn it off immediately and ensure it has completely cooled before using again.

A Few Of The Best At Home Foot Spa Bath Brands

There are several well known manufacturers of the most popular and best at home foot spas. They either offer a complete line of models or market a unit to complement their other product lines.


Conair’s line ranges from a simple vibration and heat maintenance unit to its hydrotherapy model complete with LED lights, hot air bubbles and heat maintenance. Pricing is low to mid range. The economic Conair Foot / Pedicure Spa with Vibration is likely the best starter option.

Water temperature is maintained with an easy toe-touch control which also allows you to activate vibration. There is a massage attachment and massage nodes on the splash-guard and on the non-slip floor of the bath.


Homedics® models begin with the economic bath with raised nodes, heating maintenance and acupressure attachments. At the high end of the line, a deep tub comes with dual motorized rollers which massage feet wet or dry and a heater which heats cold water to the desired temperature in minutes. The price range is mid to high.

The Homedics Foot Bath Salon Pro, a professional level product, is probably your best buy. It’s fully featured quickly heating cold water up to 98ºF and maintaining it, massaging vibration, hot air bubbles, attachments including both pedicure, and pressure node rollers. It has LED lighting and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Kendal foot spa baths also range from mid to high pricing. Higher end units include a water fall and water wave massage, oxygen bubbles and a digital timer. Leg and foot spas and an Ionic Detox model are available.

Kendal’s mid-price model, the All-In-One Foot Spa Bath Massager, is made from high quality plastic for both good looks and durability. A simple design provides heat therapy and both vibration and oxygen bubble massage. Its massage rollers are removable.

Helen of Troy

The Professional Ultimate Foot Bath from HotSpa, a Helen of Troy brand, is a high end product for the best at home foot soak which heats the water and maintains the temperature. In addition to vibration, massage roller, pedicure attachments and air bubbles, it has 4 water jets, uses ozone to control bacteria and has an aromatherapy option.

Art Naturals

Art Naturals’ Sit Back Foot Spa is an attractive product, designed to work best with the company’s essential oils and salts.

This is literally built for you to sit back while the nodes and rollers massage away your foot fatigue.

It has a digital display and built-in temperature controls. It’s very light and has a great handle for true portability.

Pibbs Industries

Pibbs Industries’ Foot Bath Massager is an ergonomically designed basic portable foot spa providing vibration and heat. Pibbs is actually a spa and salon equipment company, but this is a foot spa suitable for the home and is available at mid price range. It has three heat and/or vibrate modes, a detachable splash guard, comes with three massage attachments and can be used with salts and essential oils.


The Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa from Brookstone has an over-sized tub to accommodate up to a men’s size 14 foot. Water heats quickly and the desired temperature is maintained. Two water jets deliver a relaxing massage while two rolling nodes knead the arches to stimulate reflexology zones for all over relaxation. A removable pumice stone exfoliates and works well on callused areas.


Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager provides the best at home foot soak with ozone therapy, working with heat, and rolling massage to increase oxygen and improve circulation. It has both water jet and waterfall action to circulate water with infrared heat. Hot air bubbles stimulate reflexes and relieve tension in the foot. With a leg-high tub and able to accommodate up the foot size 14, this is a luxury spa at a corresponding price point. It comes complete with a carrying handle and built-in wheels for portability.

Better Health Company

The Better Health Company’s Easy to Use Automatic Round Detox Foot Spa for Home Usewith Acrylic Foot Basin is probably the most economic way to try the Ionic Cleanse procedure. Portable and easy to use, it is an acrylic foot basin with a built in controller attachment system. Two arrays are provided, a power supply and 25 tub liners.

A manual provides instruction setup and usage and there is an informational booklet explains the benefits of ionic detox. A package of natural sea salt comes with the package to start you off. The machine itself is factory programmed to generate balanced negative and positive ions during a thirty minute detox session.

Why Wouldn’t Treat Yourself To The Benefits Of Using A Foot Spa Bath Massager?

If you’re anything like me and love a little bit of self-love and comfort, I know you’ll love a foot spa that’s deep, relaxing, soothing, comforting, peaceful-don’t you love all those words I’m using to create a state of bliss….

The benefits of using a detox foot spa bath massager to treat your whole body, priceless. We all love to feel relaxed and I’m sure you’ve noticed that people react differently to you when you are in happy mood. Even your family life will be smoother…

And that’s a bonus! Go on, choose a top-of-the-line model with bubbles, lights and action, or a more basic model, add a few drops of beautiful essential oils for extra oomph. Turn the lights down low, put on some soothing music and take time for you for 30 minutes and tell me how you feel after that.

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